From Commandant Desk:

My name is Wing Commander Jayesh Pai (Retd.) and I am the new Commandant of Bhonsala Military School. I am honored to have been selected to join the School, which is known far and wide for its dedication to excellence, but more importantly, to children. Over the past 30 years, I have worked in the Indian Air Force, Ministry of MSME and abroad, but I consider my most important job to be that of a child advocate. I will spend a lot of time with your children, getting to know their personalities, learning styles and interests. I will celebrate their successes, small and large. I will encourage them every day and let them know they are valued and have a special place in our school community.

Not only am I excited to begin working with your children, but I look forward to the work we will do together. As the old Tamil Proverb states, "It takes a village to raise a child." I am excited to see your children through your eyes. I cannot wait to share with you the great things they do throughout their days here at Bhonsala Military School. And of course I will be here to work with you should they need any help navigating any aspect of the school day.

My goal is to ensure that all children are healthy, happy and safe, so they may learn as much as they can. This has been my philosophy since I began my career teaching with the Indian Air Force. I treat all children in my school as if they were my own. Please know I will work tirelessly to ensure all your children have the best possible experiences while at Bhonsala Military School.

All academic problems will be dealt by the Principal and academic staff, Military training activities will be dealt by the CTO, Bhavan discipline will be dealt by the Bhavan Masters, all fees and admin related issues will be dealt by the Admin Office and mess related issues by the Mess manager. I impress upon you to be in touch with the concerned authorities regarding any issue and in case of additional help or any escalation of any problem, please do contact the undersigned.

I look forward to meeting you soon.

Warm Regards,
Jayesh C S Pai
Wing Commander
Bhonsala Military School