From Commandant Desk:

i. My Dear Parents, May I have the honor to state that I have taken over the appointment of Commandant, Bhonsala Military School, with effect from 12 August 2015. I am aware of the enormous responsibility I shoulder in this appointment. It will be my endeavor to live up to the expectations and keep the mantle of this institution very high.

ii. I am aware that you have entrusted your child with us, and ensuring that your child develops in to a responsible citizen is my moral responsibility. It will be my effort to ensure, that students passing out from this institution have excellent character, they are knowledgeable & courageous. Me & my team of teachers & staff Will strive to that end.

iii. My priorities are Discipline, Education, Sports and extracurricular activities in exactly this order. Should you feel upset about the standard of education, lodging-boarding or sports facilities you must contact me. Understand, we don't provide luxuries, but we teach your son to be reasonable! Knowledge is the only demand that must be never ending, and your child must strive for that, whenever we fail to deliver in this field, please let us know. All of you must have some apprehensions as regards the functioning of the school is concerned, so please feel free to contact us on the official e-mail ID as well as the telephone number provided. Should you be desirous of meeting me or the Principal personally please make an appointment and meet us? On out pass Sundays we are available in the office till 1200 hours.

iv. I wish to bring to your notice that a residential school, aims at building personality of your child. WE DO NOT MOLLYCODDLE YOUR CHILD, we take care of him. Don't expect us to call you up when he starts sneezing, we have experienced staff well equipped doctors and everything that you can provide him. Your child is not used to living away from you, he will be homesick, understand, it is everyday story for us. We have a 75 years of accumulated experience in handling such situations. If we work as a team, your child will be transformed into a dynamic and strong young man, who is an asset to this country, and that is our vision!

v. It must be realized that the parents of students studying in residential school play a very important role. Initially to help us understand your child & later in giving us correct feedback as to whether or not, our efforts are fruitful. There comes great responsibility, you have to abide by our rules & regulations, should co-operate with us on all issues of discipline.

vi. I am enclosing herewith some expectations I have from you and I am sure you will cooperate with me. You may be looking after only one child, I am looking after 704 children, and all are dear to me, no one less or more !

Bhonsala Military School