39th PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT CAMP (FOR BOYS) 2015 (14th April to 28th April 2015)

Duration 14 th April to 28 th April (Every Year)
Age Group 12 - 14 YEARS
Born NOT Before 15 April 2001 and NOT after 15 April 2003.
Last Date For Receipt of Application 25 March 2015.
Mode of Payment By way of Demand Draft of Rs.7500/- drawn on any Nationalised Bank, Payable to, "Commandant, Bhonsala Military School,Nashik" Payable at Nashik along with the form.

1. GENERAL : Way back in 1937 our founder Dr. B.S.Moonje evolved "Central Military Education Society" to train boys and girls from various walks of Life. He wanted to develop their Personality, make them self-reliant, mentally robust and physically strong to be able to serve the Nation in any capacity and for those who could not join the "BHONSALA MILITARY SCHOOL" He started to summer/winter courses of short duration.

2. AIM : Keeping Dr. Moonje's dream in mind during the course we strive to
(a) Expose student to community living.
(b) Imbibe spirit of Nationalism, brotherhood and sportsmanship in them.
(c) Acquaint them with teamwork decision making and leadership.
(d) Give them insight into their own personality and show them a way to develop it.

3. LOCATION : The camp will be conducted on the premises of 'Bhonsala Military School, Nashik, famously known as Rambhoomi, the School is located 2000' above mean sea level. The campus is spread over sprawling 160 acres in Nashik. It can be reached from Nashik - Trimbak Road (approximately 1/2 Km away to the NORTH). It has its own aesthetic beauty and enchanting environment, surrounded by azure hilly landscape with gurgling brooks and to the SOUTH by the sacred River Godavari. The nearest Railway Station is 'Nashik Road' (Central Railway which is approx. 15 Kms away. The Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation's Central bus Stand (CBS) is hardly four Kms from the School Buses, Auto rickshaws and taxis ply between the Railway Station / Nashik City and the Campus.

4. PHYSICAL FITNESS : Though, no exact physical fitness standards are specified the parents must ensure that their wards are physically and mentally fit to undergo the rigorous training without any problem. Certificate to this effect has been included in the application form.

(a) Every year, far more applications are received than the vacancies available. Although we would like to admit all children applying for the course, perforce we Have to disappoint many parents and children. So please note that sending of Application does not confirm your admission. You will be intimated of your admission to the course by 01 April 2015 . In case you do not receive any information please Contact Mr. Shimpi at Bhonsala Military School on Tele.No.0253-2309608.
(b) Although the last date of submission of the form is 25 March 2015 sending the form before this date does not necessarily confirm your admission. To ensure peer learning we try to accommodate students from all walks of life. (c) Admission will be on first come first served basis.

6. ADMISSION : Those applying should thoroughly satisfy themselves with the administrative arrangements made for the course and other details before seeking admissions. Following should be noted :-
(a) No application form will be accepted after 25 March 2015.
(b) Forms will be scrutinized and admissions by nomination will be confirmed by 01 April 2015.
(c) Incomplete applications, without necessary photocopies of birth certificates will not be considered. Those nominated will only be informed. Certificates, will not be considered. Those nominated will only be informed.
(d) Though, the confirmation letters will be sent, authorities will not be held responsible for any postal delays, non receipt of communication or losses in transit of any mail. Preferably important correspondence to the school be made by registered letter.

7. CURRICULUM : The curriculum to be followed during the camp has been drawn to do Justice to the aim and it includes :-
(a) Outdoor Training Activities
(i) Horse Riding.
(ii) Swimming.
(iii) Physical Training(PT)
(iv) Drill
(v) Yoga
(vi) Self Defence (SD)
(vii) Weapon Training
(b) Art & Cultural Training
(i) Music
(ii) Art (Drawing, Sketching, Painting), Craft.
(iii) Elocution
(iv) Dramatics
(d) Group Activities
(i) Trek
(ii) Community Singing./Cultural Programme.
(iii) Outdoor Visits.

In the short duration of the course, we do not claim to make your child expert in these fields but give him a fair degree of exposure.

8. FEES :
a) The course fee of Rs.7, 500/- per students will be charged. This includes lodging, boarding & provision of uniform etc. Receipt for amount paid can be collected on the day of reporting for the course. No refund of fees will be admissible in case the course is called off after commencement owing to reasons beyond our control like disturbed conditions, strikes or other reasons. The course will not be extended in case of inclement weather or any other reason to make up the period of training lost. No refund of fees will be made if a candidate is withdrawn from the course, once the course has started, for any reason whatsoever. No such request will be entertained.
b) Kindly note that there will be no refund of the fees in case of withdrawal from the course for any reason whatsoever. In case of cancellations before the commencement of the course, administrative charges will be deducted from the fees before refunding it.
c) Mode of Payment: DD drawn on any nationalized bank. Name of the applicant must be written on the reverse of the draft.

9. DISCIPLINE : Bhonsala Military School is not a remand home or reformatory school hence there is no compound wall or fencing. But this Rambhoomi has code of conduct where punctuality, appropriate dress etc. are enforced throughout. Breach of discipline may entail removal of a trainee from the course without assigning any reason and in such case no refund of fees will be admissible. The amplification of discipline aspect is made in the following paragraphs :-
(a) A trainee once admitted will not leave the course without obtaining permission and clearance. The course authorities will not be held responsible in case a trainee leaves the course premises without permission. Such cases will be intimated to the parents by a normal letter/ by Phone. The responsibility of collecting left over baggage, devolves on the trainee and not on the school. Permission for withdrawal from the course will only be given in case parents apply for it.
(b) A trainee will have to reside in the hostel and dine in the mess during the entire duration of the course, hence is subject to the rigid laid down discipline, No food / eatables from outside should be brought inside the campus by the trainee or his parents / guardians. Attendance during breakfast, lunch and dinner is compulsory.
(c) Trainees are not allowed to keep mobile phones. Any mobile phones found with the Trainees will be confiscated.
(d) No smoking, drinking and gambling is permitted. No two/three/four wheelers will be kept by the trainee during the course.
(e) No student will keep more than Rs.50 on person. Rs.700/- be deposited with Bhavan Master & proper receipt be obtained for pocket money.
(f) A trainee is not permitted to keep valuables like costly wristwatches, FM radios etc. The authorities will not be responsible for loss of any valuables if brought by a trainee and stolen during the course. No transistors, cassette players or two-in-one are permitted.
(g) Visits/Telephone calls by Guardians/Friends. As a part of training. No messages for trainees or enquires regarding their welfare on health will be entertained on the telephone. Guardians / friends of trainees from Nashik or places around will not be permitted to visit students during the course. If a parent/ relative / acquaintance of a trainee is found violating this rule, the trainee will be withdrawn from the course.
(h) No leave of any kind will be granted during the camp. This includes Sundays & Other holidays. Guests also will not be allowed to meet the students for occasions Like birthdays, anniversary or any other special days. If anyone is found violating this rule, their ward will be summarily dismissed from the course.
(i) Insubordination, indiscipline, refusal to take our school pattern haircut, attend Parades or course activity, will render a trainee liable for withdrawal from the course.
(j) No refund of fees is permissible in such a case.
(k) No gifts of any kind or tips to any members of the staff are permitted.
(l) All course papers / applications / results or connected material are destroyed.
(m) After 14 days of the termination of the course, hence no queries on the course will be entertained thereafter.
(n) Students must be inoculated / vaccinated (TAB/TT) before arrival. Medicine once issued by the doctor will not be taken back. Own medicines, without consent of Medical Officer, should not be taken.
(o) Rs.700/- must be deposited with welfare officer on arrival. This money is needed for expenditure on Insurance, STD calls, Tuck shop and for out pass. Remaining money will be refunded at the end of course.

(a) Living accommodation . Mattress as will be provided.
(b) Medical facilities-Consultation, medicines.
(c) Morning & evening tea, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
(d) Laundry service, Cobbler, Tailoring & Barber
(e) Tuck shop facilities, on payment.
(f) Material for training like art & craft training.
(g) STD facility.

(a) Two black half pants & Two white T-shirts with collar.
(b) Two plain full white Shirts.
(c) Two full black pants (Jeans pant not allowed).
(d) Sufficient under clothing.
(e) Sufficient towels, napkins, handkerchiefs.
(f) Glass / Cup for tea.
(g) Black Leather Shoes with heels & Laces (Oxford pattern).
(h) White Canvas / Sports shoes.
(i) Sufficient pair of Socks.
(j) Pair of bath-room chappal.
(k) Bucket, Mug, Soap & Soap Case, Tooth brush & Tooth Paste.
(l) Small torch with cell (s).
(m) Bedding items (except mattress).
(n) One lock with Two keys.
(o) Note books of 100 page each with sufficient writing material.
(p) Swimming costume.
(q) Mosquito Net & Mosquito repellent cream.
(r) Additional civil clothing as required.
(s) Music instrument of your choice.
(t) Medical requirements, if any.
(u) Housewife kit (Needle, thread, button & clips).

(a) Trainee must bring the admission card sent by us at the time of reporting to the Reception centre established by the course authorities on 14 April 2015 between 0930 hrs. to 1230 hrs. Arrivals prior to this are not entertained as no administrative arrangements can be made in such cases.
(b) Parents are cordially invited to the closing function scheduled at 1000 hrs. on 28th April 2015.

At the end of the course, a trainees is tested in all the subjects & given a Certificate provided he/she has 90% attendance on parades/classes. Cases involving fractures or hospitalization or physical inability assessed by our Medical Officer, will be withdrawn from the course for which no refund of fees will be admissible. Decisions of authorities will be final & binding on the trainees Certificates will not be issued in case a trainee is withdrawn even one day before the end of the course for any reason what so ever. No request in this regards will be entertained.

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